Boukari  -  Kouspades  -  Korakades  -  Petriti.    Map


                                       Approximately  4.8 miles.  Allow 2 hours.


Ascent:- 400 feet

Refreshments:- Tavernas/cafes at Boukari and Petriti

This walk  takes you from Boukari harbour and follows quiet roads through the villages of Kouspades, Vasilatika and the almost deserted ruined village of Korakades. It then descends to Petriti and the harbour before taking the coast road back to Boukari.

Take the road opposite the harbour uphill to Kouspades passing the Sunset Hotel on the right, the Penelope Hotel on the left and  then ignoring a road off to the left. Follow the road through Kouspades village passing a small shop and a bus shelter on the left. Here, bear left and follow the road out of the village passing a house on the left with unusual ornaments and sculptures in the garden, to eventually reach Vasilatika.


Go straight on at the cross roads uphill passing a church on the right and a view of Hlomos on the hill to the left. Carry on through olive groves to reach the almost deserted village of Korakades. Head straight on through the village passing the church on the left and keeping to the main street. You pass a small cafe on the right and eventually head downhill to Petriti.


On reaching a road junction turn right and immediately left. Down at the next junction go straight over and at the bottom of the road turn left next to a small cafe. Take this road through the village to the harbour.


At the harbour head straight on to reach the sea where you bear left along the coast road which takes you back to Boukari.

Vasilatika church Korakades petriti harbour 2