Neohoraki - Aghios Nikolaos     Map

Approximately 2.2 miles. Allow 1 hour.


Ascent:- Flat

Refreshments:- None

This walk takes you along tracks to Aghios Nikolaos, one quiet village road and over allotments.

Take the Kouspades/Petriti turn off of the main road in the centre of Argirades.


The walk starts just after the village of Neohoraki down the hill on a left hand bend with a hut on the left hand side. Opposite this bend on the right hand side is a track where you can park to start the walk.

Follow this concrete track in an easterly direction passing some industrial sheds and then a church on the right and allotments on the left. Behind you are views to Kouspades on the right and Hlomos on the hill.


Immediately after the church take the right hand track and carry on along this track ignoring a left hand turn and then ignoring a turn to the right. Carry on down through the olive groves ignoring another turn to the right. You then pass an electric pole to the right on a left hand bend. Ignore a couple of tracks to the right and pass grape vines on the left hand side, where, opposite the grape vines is a well with a fig tree growing out of it. The track then winds around through bamboos and olive trees and allotments on the left.


Carry on, ignoring a track to the left, soon reaching a junction where you turn left. You then pass a turn on the left hand side to a football pitch and carry on to reach a tarmac road.


Turn left along this road and follow it down through the olive groves to reach the village of Aghios Nikolaos. On reaching a junction turn left passing a mini market on the corner. Carry on and at a right hand bend turn off left up a smaller road passing an industrial shed on the left.


After passing a church on the right hand side turn right down a stony track. You then come to an allotments area.The track soon becomes grassy and passes by grape vines on the left and then between grape vines and then you walk along the right hand edge of a small field. Turn left after a further row of grape vines on the right hand side and then right at a small fig tree walking around an allotment. You then turn left by more grape vines on your right hand side and then right again before the next plot of land keeping a wire fence on your left, then left again still keeping the wire fence on your left and bearing right at the end of the fence and carrying on bearing around to the right to reach a concrete bridge between bamboos on the left hand side. Carry on over the bridge.


On reaching another junction turn right along this track soon passing the church on the left and carry on back to the start.


neohoraki-church fig-well donkey-1