Kritika        Map

5 miles or 5.5 miles approximately.

Allow 2 hours 15 minutes or 2 hours 30 minutes.


Ascent:- 270 feet

Refreshments:- none

This walk takes you along track both open and through olive groves to eventually reach the village of Kritika and back along the road.

To reach the start of the walk take the main Lefkimmi road South and turn off right towards Kritika. Pass a petrol garage on the right and take the first turn right onto a wide track between a house on the right and a shrine on the left. Park here on the side of the track.


Walk along this wide track where, during May, we found an abundance of wild flowers on the grass verges including many orchids and also lots of frogs in the ditches. (We also found a lot of dragonfly here in September).


Carry on over a bridge over a stream and pass some beehives on the left and a vineyard. (30 minutes).


After passing a hut on the left, bear left, and this track then continues eventually passing a well on the right hidden behind an Apple tree and amongst Orange and Walnut trees. Take the next left fork onto a rough track, with buildings to the right, and at the next junction turn left (55 minutes) opposite some bamboos. Carry on along this track ignoring a track off to the left. At this point there are nice views across the valley to the sea. Keep to the main track ignoring all grassy tracks off to the left. Turn left at the next junction (1 hour 20 minutes) where there are bamboos on the right. This track then descends through olive groves and passes a concrete hut on the left to eventually reach houses on the edge of the village of Kritika.


Turn right at the junction and walk on to reach the small village square with a cafe on the left. Carry on through the village passing a church on the right. (1 hour 45 minutes). Then turn left onto the road signposted ‘Lefkimmi’ and walk out of the village passing over a small bridge. Continue along this road over a second bridge, where the frogs were making themselves heard in the stream, and continue along the road back to the car.(2 hours 15 minutes),

ALTERNATIVELY (to miss out some of the road near the end)

Soon after the first bridge  take a left turn up a track beside double electricity poles  and a yellow house on the right. Take the next right turn and then another right turn and follow this grassy track to join the Lefkimmi road. Here turn left and go over the second bridge and back to the car.(2 hours 30 minutes).


view kritika donkey 1 well