Vitalades                  Map

Approximately  4 miles (2 hours)


Ascent:- 300 feet

Refreshments:- none

  This walk takes you along tracks from Vitalades with views over to the sea and then

   roads back through Vitalades.

Drive along the bypass towards Lefkimmi and take the 1st right to Vitalades. At the village centre turn left then  turn immediately  turn right uphill out of the village and park down on the left hand side of the road near to a small holding on the left.


From the car continue walking away from the village passing a church on the right (down the slope below the church is a well that is worth looking at). Bear right at the next junction and follow the track and at the next junction bear right. You will see views of the sea to the left. At crossing tracks carry straight on(there is a red dot painted on a rock on your right).


At the next crossing tracks turn right and carry on down the track passing a church on the right down in the trees. Carry on along this track  and turn right at junction and right again on joining a tarmac road.


When you join the bypass turn right. Ignore the first turn to the right which leads to a church and a cemetery. Soon after a road sign  take a second track on the right and follow it along until you reach a  house on your right and a smallholding on the left.You  then take the next left turning  through trees to join the village road

Ignoring all branching tracks. Carry on along the road to the village centre and turn right uphill out of village on the road back to the car.

vitalades church.png well.png church ceiling.jpg

Vitalades - Gardeno Beach Viewpoint         Map


Park at the same place as the previous walk titled Vitalades.

  You walk past the church as in the previous  Vitalades walk but instead of taking the track to the right you follow the track straight on until you  reach the viewpoint overlooking Gardeno Beach. You then retrace your steps back to the start.

gardeno beach.jpg