Around Hlomos (Chlomos)     Map


                              Approximately 3.5 miles. Allow 1 hour 45 minutes.


Ascent:- 372 feet. Height at church 872 feet.

Refreshments:- Tavernas/cafes at Hlomos

This walk follows tracks up to Hlomos and its church  from where there are panoramic views over the South of the island from east to west coasts. It takes you through Hlomos village with its winding crazy paved paths and alleyways passing the Taverna Balis, where again are more panoramic views over the south. It then returns by road and tracks back to the start.

START. Take the road to Hlomos off of the main Lefkimmi road (almost opposite the turn to Issos Beach). Pass a large pink house on the right on some bends and views down to the sea at Aghios Georgios on the left. After approximately 2 kms. turn onto a left hand track just after a house that is set back on the right hand side and park here just off of the road.

Walk up this track through the olive groves going around a left hand bend and passing a small hut on the right and a deep incline to the left. You then pass a right hand track where the track levels out. It then bends around to the right passing on the left a well in the olive grove and then a hut on the same side. You then pass a drive to an isolated house on the right then another tin shed on the right and a track to the left. On the next bend take the right hand track going up the hill and eventually pass a left hand track. Just after this left hand track the track ascends and straightens up. (CAUTION Along here on the right hand side just off of the track in the grassy verge we noticed a deep hole hidden by the undergrowth. On investigating we found it to be a very deep open well completely uncovered and no stones around it at all. Literally just a hole in the ground. Be extra careful if you tend to wander off of the track. Approx. 20 minutes from the start.) Behind you at this point are views down to the west coast and Lake Korission. The track then levels out slightly and carry on ignoring two indistinct tracks to the right.

                  When you come to a main junction of tracks turn right passing on the left a stone with red and blue paint markers and carry on up this track. The track levels out as you pass through the olive groves and soon you can see through a clearing  on the left down to the coast and Benitses and Moraitika. Up in front of you are some aerials. You then pass a dirt track that climbs up to the right. You then ignore another track to the right on reaching a concrete road. Carry on up this concrete road to reach a house and a tarmac road.

Turn right along this concrete road and head into Hlomos passing  an industrial building on the right hand side. When you come to a road junction turn left next to a sign to Hlomos and the church (approx 50 minutes from the start). Ignore a small left hand village road and carry on down ignoring all village lanes on either side  to eventually come out with the church up in front  of you. From the church there are panoramic views over the south of the island  from the east to the west coasts.

Retrace your steps back the way you came passing a well on the left  back through the village . Take the first left next to the sign ‘Cafe Taverna’ down a narrow paved street . When  you reach a junction of paths opposite another sign ‘Panoramic Taverna’ turn left and follow the crazy paved path around and down  through the houses to eventually reach the taverna Balis. From here there are splendid views to the south and Boukari Bay and the harbour. Here turn right and follow the path down through the village.

At the next junction  beside a church turn left and then around to the right passing two bench seats and then between brightly coloured red houses. Bearing around to the right  you come out into a round patterned cobbled village square. Here turn left along a wider paved village lane, with open country side to the left and views over to the west coast, to join a tarmac road. You pass a cafe on the right with tables to your left and then another cafe/taverna on the left and eventually reach a road junction. Here turn left and head down the hill passing a white shed and a track on the left. Here the road bends around to the right. Carry on down. Just before a road sign on the right hand side, beside a track going up to a house, turn off left down a rough stony track. This takes you down through olive groves winding around to the right to eventually reach the tarmac road again. (If you wish you can instead continue walking around the road to take in the splendid views of the coast down to Aghios Georgios). Here turn left and head down the road  with the views of the coast in front of you and carry on back to the start.