This woodchat shrike was photographed in our garden

White-egrets on lake korission

The Scops owl can be heard day and night during the summer months but is rarely seen due to its excellent camouflage  

Enlarge + sound

Black winged Stilt seen on lake Korission in summer.

A cock sparrow  with food for its young

collared-dove white-egrets

Birds and Mammals of Corfu

Bee-eaters are sometimes seen in the summer months

2 photos of Flamingoes taken at the saltpans at Lefkimmi

A Robin

A  swallow
An olive tree warbler
Herring gull

Bonelli’s eagle


Black winged Stilt seen on Lefkimmi saltpans in May.

Flamingoes taken at Korission lake in late September

The very common collared-dove

A hen sparrow  with food for its young

Many types of finch can be seen this is a goldfinch

Hedgehog at Notos beach