Below are several web sites that may be useful.

www.boukaribeach.gr                         Hotel, apartments and restaurant in Boukari Bay

www.goldensunsetcorfu.gr             Sunset hotel and restaurant Boukari                                                        

http://www.thevillagetaverna.gr/     Excellent taverna web-site Marathias

www.tavernasavvascorfu.gr          Restaurant/taverna at Notos

www.bacchus.gr                             Restaurant/taverna on the beach at Messongi

www.75steps.com                         Restaurant/taverna and rooms to let at Spileo near Messongi

www.corfu-forum.com                          General information about Corfu plus Forums

www.agni.gr/holiday-forum/              General information about Corfu plus Forums

www.allcorfu.com                                     General information about Corfu         

http://www.holidaycorfu.org           General information about Corfu

www.topcars.gr/en                             Reasonable car rental company (will deliver car any time of day and night at airport)


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