This is a Bush Cricket.
insect 1.jpg Ephippiger ephippiger Migratory Locust.jpg Rose chafer.png bush cricket.jpg
Migratory Locust this insect is no longer a major threat to the food industry.
The aptly named Striped Shield bug one of the stink bugs (uses a volatile defence for predators).

Ephippiger ephippiger, both male & female sing during the day with a double chirp.

Cetonia aurata or the rose chafer

 called because it feeds on the nectar of flowers.

striped shield bug.jpg
Great Green Bush Cricket.
centipede.jpg chrysolina leaf beetle cicada nemobius cricket sand-digger-wasp

Large centipede.

Chrysolina leaf beetles

The very noisy cicadas

Nemobius cricket

A sand-digger-wasp

A Eurydema ornatum shieldbug


Great Green Bush Cricket Eurydema ornatum shieldbug hornets nest
Hornets nest
Insects and Spiders of Corfu
praying mantis.png
Praying Mantis found on my doorstep. The name Mantis is Greek for for prophet or soothsayer. The female is known to bite the head off of her partner during mating.
Thomisus onustus
Wasps Nest
Wasps Nest
Emperor dragonfly

The very noisy cicadas

The very noisy cicadas

Scolia flavisrons a wasp
Apodiphus amygdal
A  species of shield bug
Tenebrionid beetle
Beautiful demoiselle a damsel
— —––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Grasshoppers —–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––-
Common green shield bug
Wood ant
Beetle of the Agriotes famiily


Sand wasp



Meconema thalassinum

Oak bush cricket

Orb Weaver spider Agalenatea redii