Kanoula Beach Walk     Map

Approximately 5.5 miles. Allow 3 hours


Ascent 670 feet

Refreshments ::- none

This walk takes you along tracks down to the beach at Kanoula then along the almost deserted beach and back along footpaths and tracks through the olive groves.

The walk starts on the main Neochori  to Spartera road.

Park on the opposite side of the road just past a yellow house on the right, just before right hand junction where the walk starts from.


Leave the main Neochori road and turn right into side road and then immediately  turn left off  of the side road on to unmade road climbing uphill. Continue on this road bearing around to the left (ignoring a right turn). Then you take the next right (ignoring the road around to the left).

Soon you get views down to the sea.

Carry on down to reach the beach.Turn left along the beach, heading south,  Continue along and  paddle around  the rocks (we had to take our boots and socks off but the

sea was only ankle deep).. Leave the beach further along at the road then after several metres  turn left. Follow this track and then the path through the trees until you join a track. Here turn right and then at cross tracks turn left keeping to the main track  bearing around to the right and passing several huts to the left. The track then becomes concrete and at the next junction it joins the track you walked on near the start. Here turn right passing a hut on the left in amongst the trees. Retrace the track back to the start.


yellow house.jpg kanoula view.jpg kanoula beach.jpg