Santa Barbara

               Approximately 4 miles. Allow 1 hour 45mins to 2 hours.


                                      Easy/Moderate:- There is 1 steep climb.

                                       Ascent:- A total of 370 feet.

                             Refreshments:- Taverna/Cafe at Santa Barbara.

  This walk takes you up and along sandy tracks, down through the olive groves and along the cliff top overlooking Santa Barbara. In October you will find an abundance of wild crocus and cyclamen growing here alongside the tracks.

   The walk starts at the sea front at Santa Barbara  Head along the road away from the sea. After a few minutes on the left just before a small  supermarket you come to Romeo and Juliet Studios. Take a grassy track opposite on the right up through olive trees, then follow a faint footpath around to the right passing a small fig tree and then passing a shed on the left to reach the cliff top. Carry on this track along the cliff top with the sea on the right hand side .After approximately 20 minutes into the walk you descend to a junction of tracks where you carry on then ascend still keeping the sea on the right.


   After approximately another 15 minutes you reach a junction where you head right and carry straight on still with the sea on the right hand side. You eventually pass a concrete track/road on the right. After approximately another 10 minutes you reach a staggered crossroads of tracks at a clearing. Here turn left just before the clearing and head inland down this track soon passing a church on the right amongst the trees in the olive groves .After approximately another 15 minutes you climb up a short rise where there are nice open views inland to the left. There are crocus and cyclamen growing all along this track. .Carry on down this track for approximately another 10 minutes passing several small dwellings on the left and then passing through some small holdings, ignoring a small track to the right, to reach a junction.

 At this junction turn left and carry on along this track passing several small holdings and ignoring any tracks to the left and the right. After a while you pass a shrine next to a left hand track and soon pass a white house on the right hand side. Soon after this house the track bends around to the left and starts to ascend.

 At the next junction take the right hand fork slightly ascending and then downhill following the track over a culvert and open field land to reach the tarmac road. Turn left and follow the road back to the start.