A Brittlestar

A Beadlet Anenome

A Star Fish 4 armed

Sandstar Luidia foliolata

arbacia lixula

Arbacia lixula or black sea urchin is always found on rocks and great care is needed were they live as  if the spines get stuck in your foot they are very painful.

holothuria sanctori

Holothuria sanctori or variable sea cucumber feeds on sea grass and also eject a sticky white “cotton” when disturbed, which is poisonous to its predators.

Spiny file shell Lima lima

Yellow and black sponges

Mediterranean shore crab (Carcinus mediterraneus) This crab we found among rocks and seaweed in shallow water near the vlacherna church causeway to Kanoni and it is common throughout the region.

Sea Slug

Fire worm

Fire worms should not be handled without gloves


A Green crab.

Carcinus maenas

holothuria forskali

Holothuria forskali or cotton spinner ejects a sticky white thread when irritated.

Pinna nobilis

Large fan mussel

Cerithiun vulgatum

Common Cerithe

Acetabularia acetabulum


Hermit crab