Many Orchids imitate insect shapes and can be hard to spot in amongst the luxuriant spring flowers
orchid 1.jpg Astragalus monspessulanus orchid 2.jpg ophrys-scolopax.png ophrys-scolopax carmel ophrys.jpg
Ophrys-scolopax or Woodcock orchid
ophrys apifera bee orchid.jpg orchis laxiflora.jpg

The Ophrys apifera or bee orchid imitates a bee to attract other bees.

The carmel Ophrys

Orchis laxiflora.

Platanthera bifolia lesser butterfly orchid

Lesser butterfly orchid, Platanthera bifolia

These 5 photos are variations of the Horned woodcock orchid, Ophrys cornuta

Orchids and Broomrapes Of Corfu
Pyramidal orchid anacamptis pyramidalis orchis mori Orobanche crenata Orobanche bulbosa

Orobanche bulbosa a broomrape

Anacamptis pyramidalis or pyramidal orchid
Ophrys bertolonii
Bertoloni’s bee orchid
Orchis italica (the naked man )
Anacamptis pyramidalis
Orchis laxiflora
(the loose flowered Orchid)
Anacamptis pyramidalis or pyramidal orchid

Orchis lactea

Serapias cordigera

Orchis palustris   

One of the many Orchids to be found, this one was photographed in February, but many of them flower up to the end of June.

This is the Orchis mori or green winged orchid, this is a very variable orchid and has many subs species.

Orobanche crenata one of the broomrape family this is parasitic on legumes